Friday, July 6, 2012

Making an Anthro-Inspired Moleskine and DIY Gift Tags

As you guys probably know by now, I'm a big fan of ripping off Anthropologie. They've got cute stuff, but often its too expensive for something so frivolous. In other cases, its not even that pricey, it just looks easily DIY'd. That's what brings us to today's project, they have the Tagged Bouquet Journal. Its only about $14, which for blank notebooks isn't bad, but I already have too many blank notebooks to justify one more.

So I thought, with a little ModPodge and some pretty paper, this should be an easy project. The whole thing cost $2. 

Supplies needed:
Blank book
Pretty scrapbook or wrapping paper
Paint chip card (optional)

Sorry, these process shots are taken from my bed since its 103 degrees in Chicago and my bedroom is the only place in the apartment with air conditioning. Come on in, its cozy.

First, lay your blank book on top of the paper. We're going to cut the paper until its about the size of the book, with about one inch around the fold over the edges.

After cutting down to size, and folding over the excess paper, you want to cover the book in ModPodge. I forgot to buy a paintbrush to spread it around, so I just used a paper towel. Hey, it worked.

You'll wrap the insides kind of like a present, and glue those down too. I secured them with tape too, since the edges tend to pop up while the glue is drying. You can remove the tape later if you don't like the look.

Next comes the gift tag! A while ago I had actually bought some of those adorable gift tags that you see on Pinterest when people wrap elaborate presents with bakers twine and hand-dyed, hand-stamped gift tags and Jonathan Adler wrapping paper. But I lost them in my shit hole of an office, soooo here we are. Necessity is the mother of invention. 

I had picked up about 100 of these Behr paint cards a while ago to do some paint chip art I saw on Pinterest, until I decided I was so over paint chip art, but because I'm vying for my own episode of Hoarders, I didn't throw them away. You can see above how to trim them down to make cute little tag. Just slice off the part that says the color, trim down the sides, and nip two triangles out of the top.

I didn't have a hole punch, so I just jammed a pencil through the top to make the little tag-hole.

And then a swipe of paint around it to mimic the original...

So you glue on the tag, and wait for everything to dry. I also used a pencil to draw a light border around the tag once the glue was dry, again, just to mimic the Anthropologie original.

I also wanted to stamp the little tag with something, but I lost my little stamp set! I really need to clean that damn office. So let's pretend now that it looks like this:

A little wisdom from Ernie Hemingway. 

So there you have it. Another successful Anthro rip off. Feel free to change up the colors, and the papers, etc. I had this grey one that I really liked, but it would be gorgeous sticking with the floral deal that they had going on. Something more graphic would be awesome too, or something hand painted. Get wild.



  1. You had me laughing all the way through this post. My office definitely turns into a shit hole from time to time. Great DIY and it is super cute!

    1. haha that makes me feel better that someone else lets their office go into complete ruins too!

  2. I love this and I can also relate to the shit hole of a craft room I have right now!


  3. love it! :) deff trying this today! eeps

  4. ahahaha yer killin' me, legit I just cleaned my office room but give me 30 seconds and I'll take care of that. thanks for this idea which I'm going to parlay into wedding reception invites luhhhfff kt

  5. Ahaha I love it :)

    I'm following you now, cute blog :)



  6. Fantastic (and I love the "little wisdom by Ernie Hemingway" - hilarious!) - need to make a couple of these including the wisdom for all the wise people around ;-)

  7. i honestly thought the first photo was off the anthropologie website!!!

  8. For a while a few months ago, AC Moore had little alphabet stamp sets for $1!!! I have like 5 different typeface stamp sets now as a result. Dunno if you have that near you but it's worth a look since they mad cheap.

  9. Omg! I laughed so hard through your instructional. I have to do it now. That was hilarious and I so can relate.

    Wonderful! It's fun reading and inspiring. Thank you for posting.

  10. Yours is so much cuter than the original, AND you're hilarious. Good shit :)

  11. Hey I made a notebook roundup and I featured your DIY in it!
    I hope you're alright with it, if not please tell me!
    Please check it out!

    1. aw, thank you so much! i appreciate that!!

  12. ROTFL!!!!!! Love them comments and the idea. My school notebooks will be all rage in college.

  13. YOU are my new best friend! I just (somehow) found your site and I love it! Thanks for all of the tips and I just subscribed, so I will not miss out on anything else new! ~Val~

  14. rofl... SO loving your blog! Knockoffdecor routed me here, and I'm tickled by your messy drama... so like my life. And at least you HAVE an office... I've got an empty room, sans furniture, with crapola spread out and randomly piled from wall to wall. Sigh. Also an epic pile of poo just big enough to hide whatever I'm searching for. Now off to figure out how the heck to subscribe... wouldn't want to miss any of your forays into crafty messmaking. Woman after my own heart. ;)

    Hugs & Hope,
    rachel of OddModicum

  15. Hi, where is your wrapping paper from?


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