Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's the little things...

Its almost a bummer as you get more and more settled into your home, and there is less stuff to buy and you can't justify one more fucking throw pillow, and all the furniture you have works so it doesn't make sense to spend money on new shit you don't need, etc. When that kind of stuff happens, I like to buy small, cheap things and switch up my walls a little bit.

This older picture of my living room will give us a good jumping off point to show the things that were switched up this week. First, in that corner by the tv, you can see that there are two white frames hanging up.

Well, this week those got swapped out for this Neutral Milk Hotel print I picked up after seeing Jeff Mangum a few months back. I just clipped it on to a simple pants hanger I nabbed from the thrift store in a pack of five for $1.50. I don't know if it will stay forever, but I like it.

Next, we move on to the other corner of the room, where once sat a sad white chair and some clothesline art, now lives the happiest yellow chair and some shelves that were such a pain in the ass to hang that at one point Andy was so freaked out by me that he hid in the bedroom for an hour. And because this Twitter has a direct line into my inner monologue, I'll let it speak for me:

Spoiler alert: no, no I cannot. But enough about my lack of emotional stability, lets just look in the corner at the awesome bird cage I picked up at the Logan Square Farmer's Market.

It was a real steal too, since the girl selling it was moving and needed to get rid of it quickly. She apparently used to keep a fish tank in there to keep her cat from fucking with it, and even though I don't have a cat, I love that plan. But for now it will just house a few design books and my trusty dinosaur planter.

What's that you say, you'd love to see some semi-related Instagrams? Well, if you insist, I'll stop you from begging and embarrassing yourself.

L-R: Logan Square on a sunny afternoon; the birdcage- instagrammed; a loving boyfriend lugging it home for me.

Well, that's it for me today folks, just sharing a few small tweaks around the house. Stay tuned this week for a few larger projects and a giveaway! Have you done any home projects, large or small lately?



  1. Love the art and birdcage! We are in the process of installing shelving in our dining area. I'm pretty sure B and I can hang them without crying. At least, I hope so.

    1. it was seriously the hardest thing ive ever done. i bought anchors since the studs weren't in the right place and i have the softest walls, but then the anchors would break or not go in all the way so i couldnt get the nails in or in far enough for the shelves to hang flush and oh my god i was seriously sobbing out of frustration.

      i've got a long way to go, baby.

    2. Haha. Yeah I get frustrated because B makes it look so easy. He's like Mike Holmes, no joke.

  2. funny you mention shelving...there's an awesome DIY project kickin' around the webs that lets you turn white (or any other color) rain gutters into shelves. the original was for baby books in a baby room but I'm sure you chuck a piece of wood in their to make it a flat surface.

    Also your birdcage makes my heart sing. KEEP THE DINOSAUR. please, please pleeeeease!

  3. Lovely home. I am extremely jealous of that birdcage...


  4. I was going to follow your blog...and was skipping around. Then I came to this page, and I guess you feel the need to use that type of language? So, it is your blog...bye!


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