Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Instagram Life

Summer is dredging on, hot as hell. Luckily the temperatures have dropped a bit so that I can get a few more projects done, but a lot of my time is spent drinking cold beer and eat eating ice cream. Sorry I'm not sorry.

For now, here are a few summer snapshots.

One of the few non shitty candid photos I've taken, at Foster Street Beach. And then the less than sunny side of my city, traffic.

I'm obsessed with this picture of my brother, making exactly the face you'd expect a new dad to make. Then, just updating the kitchen chalkboard with more Harry Potter stanning.

Andy looking like he hates ice cream, and being adorable doing it. Me documenting my "Phil Spector meets Carrot Top" hair of the summer.

And finally, some snapshots of happy friends, Mayo and Kaitlyn, enjoying the sunshine.

Next up for me is an LCD Soundsystem documentary at the Music Box, and a gluttonous feast at Top Chef restaurant, Girl & The Goat. I gotta say, I really do love this city.

Happy summer,

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  1. I've heard WONDERFUL things about Girl & The Goat. And I have to say... I really hate Kaitlyn ;)- That girl ALWAYS looks stunning in pictures! Like seriously?!? Can she not take a good photo? I need her secret


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