Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY of Another Variety

I love when bloggers go on vacation. Sure, its radio silence as far as posting, but then you get an onslaught of pictures that are perfectly crafted of John & Sherry smiling on a beach in Hawaii with a dog that probably never poops and a kid that does not appear to be irreparably fucked up. Or Taza and Husband strutting out of the J. Crew catalog they live in and down the streets of New York City.

Welp, I am currently on vacation too. In Delavan, Wisconsin. But that is not going to stop me from sharing a DIY with you, even if it is not a portrait of perfection.

Wisconsin is home to a brewery called New Glarus. You can't buy it in Chicago because they want to keep us begging and salivating. So as soon as I crossed the border, I bought a case. I get to my hotel room, whip one out, excited like a kid on Christmas when...


After googling "how to open a beer without a bottle opener" and having them give me the same fucking lighter trick over and over that I've never been able to master, I start rifling through my bag to see what I have. Then I notice this...

looks very similar to the curve of...
And what do you know, it worked.

God bless America. Now hopefully when people google that, they will find how to open a beer bottle with an eyelash curler instead of the same fucking lighter trick THAT I AM PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING.

Happy weekend everybody!



    i actually unfollowed them because of a couple reasons. one of them was she was a ballerina who trained at juilliard and suddenly just ISN'T. EVER. ANYMORE AT ALL. and her family is too perfect. AND! she didn't go on a date with her husband without the dang baby for like 9 months. SERIOUSLY?! how. it's a love hate relationship... mostly just spewing jealous hate haha

    also this is genius. the end. haha

  2. Holy crap MIND BLOWN. Remembering this forever.

  3. this is truly fantastic. kudos to your genius-osity =)

  4. I stumbled across your blog through Pinterest, you know, where everyone talented in DIY makes it big! :) Love your blog - I actually sat here for 45 minutes and read through all your posts. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. "the dog that probably never poops" dude you are hilarious!

    happy vacay, and i'll definitely have to remember the eyelash curler trick for next time...reminds me of a time when I opened a wine bottle with a screw and hammer haha

  6. That freaking lighter trick! GUH! I have all these dude friends that do that with a smug expression and I just want to throw their lighter a their dick!

    I can't wait to stick an eyelash curler in my purse just so it will come in handy one day and I can throw it in every lighter trick do-er's face! YEAH!


  7. Amazing! Making a bottle opener out of an eyelash curler... you sound like a true Wisconsinite. We'll find any way possible to open a bottle of beer! And to open a Spotted Cow, no less. You've done Wisconsin proud.

  8. Ahhh yes the drink of my people.
    I always use ledges when i dont have an opener. Like the ledge of a wooden table (will leave bite barks) or a cinder block or something.
    I applaud your resourcefulness.


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