Monday, June 25, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since I'm still a few months away from being in a place where I want to do a proper home tour (hey, we just moved in! Um, four months ago.) I figured I could share a few of the small things that are contributing to making our house a home and making the home ours. Including that weird plate featured above that I'm still not sure will have a permanent home here.

First, I love this Riot Not Quiet print from Zoo Mouse Key Press. I got it for donating to the Chicago Women's Health Center a year or so back, since the artist, Laura, is on the board. Its one of my absolute favorites, and this old thrift store frame gives it a good home in the dining room.

The clipboard wall! It serves as inspiration in the office, as well as a home for all the prints that we couldn't cohesively hang elsewhere. Each clipboard was 3/$2 at Office Max, so I also love that it was a cheap way to fill a big wall.

Since it weirds me out when homes don't have personal photos hanging up, I always try to have some in nearly every room. I am not one to hate on overstyling, because I love that shit, but its only too much when your house is magazine-ready but has no personal touches.

And, not in my home, but one of my favorite things these days is the blog Fellow Fellow, so I wanted to share it with you and give you some freebie wallpapers she created since you just sat through a tour of my house.

What do you keep in your house to make it a home? Family photos? Heirlooms? Show me what you got.



  1. I grew up with that "this is my house..." quote on the kitchen wall, painted on some little teapot shaped plaque. I wonder where it went? I used to think my mom was such a rebel, which she secretly was. My vote is keep yours!

    I too love pictures of family and friends all over the house, even in the bathroom. Rooms decorated with "stuff" with no personal connection just seem "off." For me, editing it down a bit is the hard part.

    1. thats too funny! maybe it found its way to a Chicago thrift store :)

      Haha and my vote is to just resist the editing!

  2. Love the photo strips! I frame all our too! I'm a huge believer in framing personal items, even if they aren't traditionally framed. We get so many comments on a framed gold and diamond pin that belonged to Brian's Grandpa. It has so much meaning to our family (B wore it on our weeding day) and it's a nice break from 2D artwork!

  3. I love love love the clipboard Idea! The walls of my home are paper thin so I can hang, like a paper clip, safely without damaging things. The clipboard is the perfect solution to not being able to have a corkboard! Thanks a mil!


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