Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer on the Cheap

Believe it or not, I have some semblance of a social life outside of holing myself up in my apartment surrounded by cans of spray paint. As in my home life, my social life also consists of crap I can do on the cheap, so here is a slice of life lately and a few of my favorite under $5 activities lately (except the final photo, that one probably costs more...)

1.) Walks through Humboldt Park. The time of year where its warm without being unbearably muggy is the perfect time to check out the green boulevards around the corner from our house.
2.) Breakfast at Cozy Corner! I took a personal day and hit up this diner down the street, and it was glorious because on the weekends you can't have a table for more than 15 minutes before they literally pick you up and throw you out, but on the glorious, glorious weekdays? Another refill, please.
3.) Lincoln Park Zoo for Kaitlyn's birthday! You're never too old to spend a birthday at the zoo, really.
4.) A note of encouragement in the form of fridge magnets as Andy heads out into the world in his first post-grad social work job.
5.) Free concerts in Millennium Park! This city is really great about free cultural events in the summer time, so we try to take advantage as much as possible.
6.) BABIES! I always laughed at Rockstar Diaries for calling themselves "rockstars" when they do nothing that really warrants it, then I got to be there when my niece and nephew were born, and I take it back. Move the fuck over, Jagger, because the lady in that bed just put you to shame. Welcome to Earth, Calvin & Olivia!

What's happening in your life these days? What is your favorite free thing to do in your city?



  1. I miss Lincoln Park Zoo! (It's brand new! wait, do you remember those commercials?) How fun. Living in the DC area, you'd think the National Zoo would be awesome, but there are pandas, cows, squirrels, hipsters, and lobbyists. SIGH. I'll have to come back to Chicago for a real zoo experience!

  2. Shit I do on the cheap during the summer is drink beers and play catch with my dog in the backyard, take her to the dog park, go to the doggy beach, go the aquarium (i have a membership), walk around, go to the farmers' market, etcetc

  3. Oh man, I used to take the bus past Cozy Corner literally every day on my way to work from the Cicero/Irving Six Corners to Damen/North Six Corners. It was always packed, so I imagine the food must be great. And I never stopped in, boo. How is it?

    1. haha its just standard diner fare, but its done well! the proximity is half of what makes it great!

  4. Oh my...I used to live in Orland Park, so frequented Chicago--frequently! I saw your picture of the sign for Ramova theatre...went there when I was young, as well as Lincoln Park Zoo, etc. Can you tell I'm old now? Anyhoo...just stumbled across your blog, and I LOVE it. I'll be copying your copies of Anthro as well. Thank you for my walk down memory lane, and for your art! Sharon

    1. hi sharon!! i grew up not far from you, in homewood, so i have many of the same chicago memories!! im glad you found us, let me know how your projects turn out!


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