Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making your own iPhone case

I just joined the elite ranks of iPhone users (you know, elite as in one of millions of people), and this has brought me endless amusement. Now I can take pictures of my food and make it look like its from the 1970s! I can screencap what the weather is going to be like in Chicago this week and share it with Facebook! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS.

Next it came to choosing an iPhone case. I loved these Leah Duncan for Uncommon ones, but didn't want to commit and spend too much money yet without knowing what was out there. I didn't want to settle down without playing the field. I didn't want to buy the cow until I tasted the milk...I don't want to make anymore gross analogies.

So instead I bought this $4 case of Amazon with a clear back, leaving the world as my oyster. So I started whipping up some new cases. First, I found this template to work off of (it was easier than creating my own, and hey, why reinvent the wheel?). I then googled a few images I liked, printed them out, and placed a cut out of the template over them, using an X-acto knife to cut out my new case.

It slides right into the clear case! If you don't have an X-acto knife or just hate cutting small circles, you can just cut a rectangle out of the top left to leave room for your camera.

My first choice case was a cheeseburger phone. I could have done a cute, whimsical print, but I just wanted a cheeseburger. But, because I need to pretend to be a grownup sometimes and can't just whip out a cheeseburger phone in meetings, I also made a sleeker, wooden case -

I'm sorry you can see my creepy reflection here.

I have a few more planned, including using up some old wrapping paper I have lying around, and maybe doing a trompe l'oeil studded case, and definitely a Harry Potter case, but for now these were good jumping off points to get me going. Any thoughts on what you'll put on your new custom phone case? 



  1. I imagine this would be Juno's phone in the future

  2. This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" crafts. Brilliant.

  3. Mmmm! Yummy! i would do this if i had an iPhone:)

  4. Tried to search a template for my phone but it was to no avail. Boo. :(

    But yours is awesome!

  5. Going to do Celtic Thunder pics! Nom! Nom!

  6. It looks amazing. I so love it! <3<3

  7. Instructions work great for iPads as well. Just a few more holes to cut out. And I had to cut out the Apple in the middle. Thank you:)

    Irene (NCC Data)

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