Friday, June 15, 2012

Leather Keychain

My brother and his fiancee recently had two of the coolest babies you'll ever meet. I wanted to give the new dad a small token for my his first father's day, but everything was like power tools, and golf paraphernalia and other stupid dad stereotypes. I think you'd see my little brother in a tutu before you see him in a golf shirt.

Then I remembered I had a crap load of fabric left from my last Lazy Sunday project, the leather clutch, so I decided to whip up a little key chain. I mean, its only a matter of time until his kids start bringing home handmade stuff he has to pretend to like, so I thought I'd give him some practice in that arena.

First, I cut out a long rectangle...
You're welcome for this weird, creepy, blurry photo.

Then I folded that in half and dabbed a little glue on the insides then pressed together. I used Superglue, but I  think anything stronger than Elmer's would work just fine. I used clothespins (again, leftover from a project) to hold it together while the glue dried, but you could also place a book on top of it, or just be a patient human and hold it for 30 seconds.

Then I cut two little squares out of the top, leaving me with a little key loop:

Note that I didn't put the superglue all the way at the top, specifically so that I could create the little key loop. I then used a set of rubber alphabet stamps (mine are from Amazon) and paint left over from my end table and started stamping.

Anyways, then, because I am selfish I made ones for myself. Since I don't have kids, I made some relevant to my interests, which is how the picture at the top of this post came to be.

Who needs children when you already have the interests of a twelve year old?

Project Breakdown:
Gold Paint
Stamp Kit

I owned everything but the stamp kit, which set me back $7. In its absence, hand painting works as well!

I'll be back this weekend with the father's day cards I made for my brothers, both of which run the risk of deeply offending them. I'd post them now, but since I just spoiled one of the presents, I might as well keep some element of mystery to the holiday.



  1. oh sry commented using weird blogspot account from 80 years ago hahahaha

  2. you are too cute.
    also, WEIRD that my dad's girlfriend's kids are also named Calvin & Olivia haha

  3. First-time visitor. After reading your most recent posts, you made me laugh and gave me great ideas. Keep up the great work! You're destined for greatness {already great, of course. You know what I mean!}

  4. i know that i am super late on these posts but i just discovered your blog and i am literally laughing out loud at pretty much every post. you are hilarious and so clever! don't stop! (ps i usually do not comment on blogs, but this is just exceptional)


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