Friday, June 22, 2012

House Tour- Kristen & Jimmy

After we visited Brian & Sarah, I immediately set my sights on crashing Kristen's house, of Kristen & the Italian. If I didn't have so much proof to the contrary, I wouldn't believe that Kristen was real. She is lovely, her family is adorable, her house is beautiful, and as of a few days ago, she is now the mother to a literally perfect baby boy! I hear she also sat next to John Stamos on a plane once and he told her she was pretty. 

Also, if I was in a position to give our pregnancy style awards, this is where it would go.

Anyways, enough gushing, I just wanted to take you guys on a small tour of Kristen's home, because its really just awesome. For more pictures, you can pop on over to her blog and peek around. 

First off, she has a closet room. I'm just going to leave this here.

I am in love with this living room. It is so stylish but manages to be cozy and not look over-styled at all. Everything about it is just so...warm.

Next up is their now-occupied nursery! I seriously want this to be my room, and I'm 26.

Now, my absolute favorite. I am obsessed with dark, dark bedrooms. My "home" board on Pinterest is full of them. Even though I regularly sleep about 22 hours a day anyways, I still welcome anything that is conducive to more sleeping. 

Obsessed yet? Add her to your Reader or Bloglovin or something, because her blog is great. So many thanks to Kristen for letting us crash, and congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy.



  1. Her use of color is a++. Especially loving that duvet.

  2. Love everything in their house! Especially their living room. I love that they worked around the odd ceiling slants in some of the rooms. I lived in a house like that and it drove me nuts trying to fit the furniture everywhere, but theirs looks 1000x better than mine ever did!

  3. Their house is what dreams are made of. It's the perfect mix of modern and home-y.


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