Wednesday, June 6, 2012

House Tour - Brian & Sarah of Tudors Down

Lucky for me, when I'm putting together projects or setting up my home, I have a pretty good network of people to consult, since so many of my friends have an amazing eye for design. Leading that pack is the Meeks family, of Tudors Down, who have a home that is so fucking cute it (almost) makes me want to move to the suburbs.

I mean, just look at them.

Their house is that perfect mix of people who have a good eye for design but actually live in the home too. Sarah and their daughter, T, are bonafide masters at the yard sale and estate sale circuit, managing to always come home with the best stuff and none of the weird crap I always seem to pick up. What can I say, I'm swayed by weird kitsch. 

Anyways, without further ado, here is their bright, sunny, happy home. For more pictures and even more of their great secondhand finds, pop on over to their blog!

I suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning!  When you walk in, you land in this adorable entry way. 

When they first moved in, the entryway was cramped with these unnecessary walls and a weird layout. Brian, who is insanely handy, got to work and tore them down, leaving them with a bright, sunny, open floor plan.

That brings us into the living room. It is so polished and pulled together, but Sarah managed to do all of this from garage sales and Craigslist. Like I said, she's a master. I'll give you a few more gratuitous living room shots, because I'm obsessed.

You may remember from my constant whining that I have such a hard time with gallery walls; apparently Sarah does not. You can find a breakdown of what is in each of those frames here

Let's head into the dining room. You can see a snippet of their table, which is even more beautiful in person and handmade by Sarah's brother.

Like most of their house, everything you are looking at was a labor of love. When they moved in, the floors were a well-worn carpet, which they brought back to gorgeous wood. The chairs seen in the corner were reupholstered by Sarah.

The kitchen follows that trend. Again, there were awkward walls that they tore down before completely gutting this kitchen. On their own. Top to bottom. It makes me feel even more ridiculous about the time I threw a temper tantrum hanging up some basic shelves.

Onto the office....

I don't know why they are bothering putting this desk and piano and crap in here, when I have told them multiple times to keep the room clear for when I move in.

The perfect room for their daughter, T. I like how they managed to do it feminine without it having be all Disney princesses and in-your-face pink. Hell, I'd live in this room as a grownup.

Speaking of grownups, let's head upstairs to Brian & Sarah's room...

I know, I'm obsessed.

Thanks to Sarah, Brian, T, Porter (as well as Lace and Zephyr, not pictured) for letting us crash, and to Charlie Michaels for the gorgeous photos.

At some point I'll be putting up a tour of my own place, but lets be real, I'm going to give myself a niiiice long buffer zone before posting it since it is nowhere near on par with this place. 



  1. Thanks Meg! Much appreciated!

    1. thank YOU for letting me feature this!! you know how much i love it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi!!! What a beautiful home!! The style and colors are exactly what I have been trying for, but can't seem to get the perfect wall color right- please please pleeeease could you tell me the wall color/s so that I can finally be done with my endless redecorating and so that my husband can relax and not worry about what color he will he coming home to, day after day!? ;D HAHA ..Thank you & job WELL DONE!

  2. This is my dream decor scheme...I love the dark wood floors. One day when I own a place/stop moving every two months I will try to make it happen, and I will fail.

  3. This is all SO GOOOD.

    Plus their cat looks exactly like my cat so it really makes the place.

  4. What a fabulous house! This is what I would want mine to look like when I grow up.

    1. haha i dont think ill ever be grown up enough to have a house this lovely, but ill just fantasize about it

  5. The house is super cute and I would love to know who made that sofa! Thanks!

  6. What color grey was used in the living room? It a great color!

  7. Yes, PLEASE what color is the gray in the living room and in the bedroom? I am dying to know-- I have spent so long poring over samples and can't find the right one. This is (unless it is two colors for the two rooms?) the most perfect true gray!


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