Friday, June 8, 2012

Hands Down We Like, We Like What We Like

I hope someone got that Wild Flag post title reference, otherwise it just looks a little crazy. Anyways, I had a few days off this week that I spent trolling around the internet and found some things I wanted to share! Sorry, no cat memes here though.

I recently found these awesome patterned backgrounds on Nicole's Classes, and wanted to share them with you guys. They tile seamlessly, which is awesome. And they don't feature some airbrushed tribal knots with Justin Bieber superimposed over them, like 95% of free backgrounds you find, so that's cool.

I used to love the Free People monthly desktop calendars, but then either they stopped making them or I just forgot about them, but either way, I really like these from Dear Friend. I found this blog today through another favorite, The Dainty Squid, and instantly added it to my reader.  (I also received a few emails on how to subscribe to r/p, so I've now put subscription by feed/email links in the sidebar over  <------- there.)

This upcycled bone china! I love it, but unfortunately it came from the depths of Pinterest where there was no source. I've been looking for a good way to print on china or ceramics. The closest I've found is the mythical Magic Photo Transfer Paper, but I can't find it on Amazon, and what I can find is like, $40!!! No. But for inspirations sake, I wanted to share this with you (and maybe glean some suggestions!)

This tote from Barry O. I swear I donate to campaigns not only when there is swag involved. Even with politics aside, the Obama campaign has some amazing designers on their team. I was really impressed by the caliber of the design on the items in the 2012 store

And finally, I have been obsessed with party planning. By that I mostly mean I've been obsessed with all things gin. My Pinterest board for it has been far too active considering I have no plans to actually throw an elaborate party anytime soon. 

What have you been digging on lately?

Happy Friday!


  1. Pimm's Cups are the only thing i want to drink all summer long.

    1. pimms cups are all i want to drink ever.

  2. Girl I loooove Pimm's cup, let's do that at our next get-together!
    If you want to actually use the plates I don't have any suggestions, but if you want to hang them on the wall/display them, maybe you could print the skull on some really thin or translucent paper, cut around the design, and mod podge or laquer it on the plate?

    1. I think we should have a get together JUST to drink pimms cups

  3. I don't know about how to accomplish it, but I have a plate from this etsy that is one of my prized possessions:

  4. I did some searching and found a source in the US on eBay! For some reason my phone won't copy a link but here's the info:

    Seller: Digital Design Depot
    Description: Magic Photo Waterslide for Ceramics Decal Film Paper Laser 8.5x11" 5 (qty)
    Auction #180897066745
    Price: $15.60
    Shipping: $4.90

    Hope this helps :)
    pam :)
    aka geopam

  5. oooh thanks for posting those computer screen is now covered in flamingos!

    1. haha yesssss i also went with the flamingos

  6. the plates look a lot like these: (just re-pinned them today). Lazertran should work too but it isn't cheap. alternatively maybe stamp or stencil with china paint (like pebeo)

  7. I found the original link. You can google search images. They have an etsy shop. Here's the article:

    And here's the etsy:

    The skulls have been bought it seems.


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