Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud - Making a Studded Collar

On a whim I ordered some pyramid studs off Etsy, just because I had seen people cooler than me wearing them, and if $2.99 is all it takes to buy my way badass, sign me up.

Okay, I should probably just tell you now, in this post, we are making a dickey. (I apologize if I misspelled that, but I don't feel like seeing what image results pop up when I google "dickey".) If you aren't on board with the dickey yet, jump on this train. All of the layer with none of the bunching. It RULES.

Materials needed:
One chambray/denim/whatever shirt. It doesn't even have to be your size, as long as the neck area fits okay
Pyramid studs 

Check out this sweet shirt, with its shapelessness and sexy machine-stitched logo on it. Mmmm baby yeah, save some for dessert. 

Luckily, modifying it was pretty easy. The studs poke right through the fabric, then you just bend the prongs into place so that they stay. I decided to go with a little triangle pattern, just following the shape of the collar.

Next, we dickey. All of the dickeys from the 90s had this wide swoopy shape, and I figured there was probably some logic behind that, so I went wide and swoopy as well. I wanted to go low enou
gh that I could wear it under a variety of clothes, but not too low that I'd have a lot of fabric bunching going on. I didn't cut it too perfectly or anything, because I figured hey, it will be hidden by clothes. Feel free to cut it as neatly as you'd like though, if you have the standards I lack.

Lip color is NYX Eros

Cost breakdown:
Shirt - $1.50
Studs - $2.99
Total: $4.49

Also, you may have noticed I have a new picture on the about&faq sidebar!

Sara Lyons does commissioned portraits that are incredible, I want to live in cartoon form forever. They are super reasonable too, so go order one already. More info can be found at her illustration blog. They also make an awesome gift for people you don't know what to get, since the turnaround was quick, she can draw people's kids, and everyone is a vain asshole who wants pictures of themselves!
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  1. You did a fantastic job! I like that you used gold instead of silver. I added some a little while ago to my leather jacket but I've been thinking of doing this to a collar or too. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. thanks!! when in doubt, i always go gold haha. i want to see when you stud yours!!

  2. Love this DIY! I tried studding a pair of gloves forever ago, and I have a ton of studs left over... I think I just found the perfect use for them!

    1. i'm glad!! i'd love to see it when you're done! :)

  3. Do you remember what size studs you used? There are 6MM 7MM and 8MM and I'm not sure which ones will look the best. Thanks!


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