Friday, May 25, 2012

Making air-dried clay pots

So after making the glitter mounted-clay pignocerous head, I had some leftover clay that I didn't want to go unused since I was afraid it would dry out. I didn't have a ton, but I figured I had enough to make a few tiny vases since I plan on filling my house with so many plants that it starts to look like the Grey Gardens estate and you find me wandering around muttering to myself in a headscarf looking for Big Edie. Um, minus the fleas and stuff though.


All three of these were super easy. You take a lump of clay, roll it into a ball, and then roll that out into a big oblongy looking thing. I don't have a rolling pin, so I just used a can of spray paint. The rollout does not have to be perfect, just try to make it the same thickness throughout.

From there, we will trim off the sides, to make a rectangle. Roll the rectangle into a cylinder and just use your fingers to blend the seam. If when you're done, and the clay is dry, the seam isn't perfect, that's okay. You can just run over it with a strip of Elmer's Glue to make sure no water leaks out.

Next, take the excess pieces you trimmed off and roll them into a little ball, then flatten that out, and cut out a circle for the bottom. You can either stack your cylinder on top of the base and blend the seams, or you can make it just a smidge smaller than so that your cylinder fits around it, which is what I did.  Don't forget to poke a few holes for drainage!

For the scalloped edge pot, I did the same thing, roll out, trim excess, get rectangle. Then, on one edge of the rectangle, I just cut around the top of a quarter over and over until I was left with a scallop. Roll up, blend seam, make bottom.

After letting them dry for two days, I then played around a bit with tape and acrylic paint to create some designs on them, now I just need to go buy some plants for them! Of course, I'm thinking more succulents.

So for me this was kind of a way to use up old materials from other projects I had lying around the house, but if you're starting from scratch, it will cost you:

Airclay - $5
Acrylic Paint - $2
Chalkboard Paint - $3
Total: $10


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  1. i love the "grow" one, its adorable!!


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