Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recovering Old Books

Before we even get into this post, I am going to admit straight off that this is taking design neuroses to the next level. You can look at it like "Really?? You're changing your books because they are too ugly for you?? THAT IS NOT WHAT BOOKS ARE FOR, YOU PHILISTINE." Or you can approach it from the angle I read about in Convenient Theories For You - Monthly, where every small piece of your home contributes to an overall aesthetic. Let's go with that.

After moving in with Andy and combining libraries, we now have too many books to fit on our shitty Ikea bookshelves. They are literally crumbling and buckling under the weight, so rather than being responsible and buying new shelves, I'm trying to re-purpose books we've already read to elsewhere in the house.

I started by recovering the books with Trader Joe's bags, in the exact same way you would cover a seventh grade chem textbook. If it's been a while, here is a little refresher.

Once you get 'em stacked, you can start decorating. I considered doing some kind of picture painted across all three books, a la-

But since I had a disaster of a creative night last night (more on that in another post...) I decided to keep it simple, using some $4 Helvetica stickers from Office Depot. I figured if I'm calling my books ugly, I can also give them a Kindle-based inferiority complex while I'm at it.

I still have a bunch of leftover stickers, so I may change it to Zooby Zooby Zoo or some Harry Potter spell at some point.

And there you have it. A project so easy I probably should have saved it for Lazy Sundays.


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