Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A glimpse into the life of your author

Its all diy around here, all the time, and I realized I never really give you an idea of who I am. I guess we can do a more formal something later, but I think this small tale is as much of a character description as is needed. (Also, feel free to ask me questions, via email or the comments so I can actually build a real FAQ page.) 

A few weeks back, I was wearing this chiffon skirt, feeling fly as fuq, until a stranger stopped me on the street to inform me it was completely sheer and that she could see, well, everything.

One would think I would just run home and change, but when I got home I was like, well, now its dark out, you probably can't see through anymore. Plus, I'm just going to a concert, this isn't inappropriate for this venue.

Then this picture came out on Brooklyn Vegan:

That's me, the redhead walking out the door. Note the two men (maybe even three, if we count Plaid Guy in the foreground), and their line of vision, suggesting that perhaps my skirt was not so un-sheer at night as I had hoped.

Yours in modesty,


  1. Oh my gosh dude, I feel you. I once had my pants fall down around my ankles on an escalator in a crowded subway. Really really bad. Such funny timing, I mentioned that humiliating incident in the post I have scheduled for Friday!

    And let's be honest - they were looking, but enjoying. Your incident, not mine. It was laundry day.


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