Friday, April 13, 2012

A cheap place to store cheap booze - How to Make Your Own Bar Cart

A few months back I became obsessed with bar carts. Not just like "these are pretty, I'll add a few of them on Pinterest", but like to the extent that I was about to end up the subject of arguably the most boring episode of My Strange Addiction.

The thing is, those fucking things are expensive. Even the weirdest, ugliest ones on Amazon that no amount of gold leafing and spray paint could save were nearly $200. Don't these people realize I need money leftover to actually put booze on the thing?

Gorgeous, simple, would fit in a small apartment, but not within a small budget at just under $600. That could buy 46 bottles of my favorite gin. So instead I went on the hunt to find the pieces to assemble my own.

I made the legs out of a $15 restaurant-supply server's tray stand and continued to search for the tray. I had this guy from Crate and Barrel in my cart when I found a similar one at a thrift store for $2.

This is where it gets complicate guys, so try to keep up. Feel free to scroll back and forth to further process all the directions.

Step 1: Open tray stand legs.
Step 2: Put tray on top

And you've created a bar cart. Sadly, at completion, the only booze in my house were a 97% already-drank bottle of Knob Creek someone else left over, an airplane-sized bottle of Bacardi, and some Malort. But how else am I gonna get a bunch of people to give me instant recognition on Facebook if I can't post a completed picture?

Some fake flowers were added to distract from the fact that my liquor bottles were all mostly empty. But just like you can't trust a skinny chef, I guess don't trust someone who makes a bar cart but doesn't drink a lot.


  1. Bar carts with all sealed bottles make me suspicious. The only reason there should be a sealed bottle is if its in your hand on the way home from the store because you just finished the last one.

  2. Today's blogroll included this tutorial on making a bar cart from an old AV stand. Now I want old AV stand. So I can keep a bottle of Malort next to my bed.

    (Tell me that you also see a little bowl of condoms on the bottom shelf of that cart. At first glance, anyway. Children's party? )

    1. haha i suppose that is good insurance that you wont have to throw as many children's parties in the future!


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