Saturday, April 21, 2012


My little brother is awesome. Really, really cool. And he is kind of bummed this week, so I made him a present for one of the twins he is expecting this summer. 

He is a big Hunter S. Thompson fan, but that kind of imagery is (surprisingly) not readily available on baby gear, so some Crayola paint and a Gerber onesie later, here's hopin' his week turns around.

For your time, here is a freakishly accurate piece of art that someone went into the future to make, of me and my future child, just having lunch:

1 comment:

  1. That onesie is BADASS. We have a little girl who always loved skulls - called them "pretty" until just this last week. She comes to me all freaked out because there's a skull in her room. "Yes, you have had that skull in your room since you were a baby. You used to dress it up." But hey, for the first few years, you put on them what you want. And this is AWESOME.


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