Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not for the paint of heart...

A few weeks after we finished moving in, Andy and I found out our landlord allowed us to paint. This was both good news (yay paint!) and bad news (as in, it would have been nice to know before we moved in all our crap), but we'll take what we can get. 

This also forced me and Andy to deal with situation that I'm sure has made for a montage or two in shitty romcoms - the merging of the tastes. While there is no Roy Rogers wagon wheel coffee table to speak of, we are coming from slightly different aesthetic directions.  

Anyways, we decided to start painting the bedroom first. One wall, start small, since as I said before, we lack any home improvement skills whatsoever, so we're baby steppin' here. But, again, when it came to picking out paint, we were on slightly different pages...

So I tried to compromise with a mid-toned color (Behr Asparagus). I thought, its nice and warm, colorful without being too dark or overwhelming, this will be a great compromise that leads to a long and happy relationship together!

WRONG. IT LOOKED LIKE SHIT. I think they call it "Asparagus" because that is what baby poop looks like after you feed them pureed asparagus. I didn't even bother resetting up the room to take a real picture, because it had to go. Admittedly, the wall would be great if I was a 14 year old looking for the perfect platform for all my pop punk band posters.

So after having a small breakdown in front of the wall (yep, I cried a little), I went to Sherwin Williams, told my plight to a store employee who could not care less, and walked home with a quart of Sprout

Okay, so let's recap the evolution of a bedroom.
Just moved in, baby poop green, aaaaah mint

I learned several things during this project:
  1. I cannot visualize what paint will look like on a wall as opposed to just one of those sample cards
  2. The paint that costs $8 more is worth every single cent. People always say it, your dad always said it, and you never want to spend the extra $8, but they are not lying to you. Neither am I. Really. 
  3. Despite how it feels at the time, when you are done with the strenuous job of painting one wall, your arms will not look like Michelle Obama's.
  4. I am very far off from being the Bob Vila, DIY grown up I aspire to be, since when most home blogs paint a wall, it does not require a 500+ word summary complete with photos and tears.


  1. You painted without me and that's what you get.

    1. don't you worry your pretty little head, there is still plenty of painting to do.

  2. the colour you ended up with looks really really nice!

    1. thank you!! i'm so happy with it, its embarrassing.

  3. I'm a Sherwin-Williams in-store designer and this post cracked me up. I'm only posting to let you know you're definitely not alone and it's a daily occurrence to have someone come in with a similar story that is overwhelmed and stressed out. :) Sprout is one of our nice, mild, soft, neutral green tones that we offer. Nice choice. :)

  4. Awww, don't hate on Asparagus! That's the color of my living room and I love it--I think it's actually the exact color of tulip leaves. It does take some well-chosen accessorizing though. I have a rug that has green and blue (my office is November Sky blue) and mostly burlap-y colored furniture--you can kind of see some of the colors in this post:

    I think it helps to be surrounded by green during the 10 months of grey fall/winter/spring around here :-) (Also, hello, fellow Chicago blogger!)


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