Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Sundays - Making Your Own Gold Bookends

It's Sunday, the day where I guess you're supposed to do nothing but hang around in your underwear drinking beer and watching TV. Which is why I will try, on Sundays, to bring you the simplest of projects. Just enough to accomplish something, but not enough to require any real exertion.

These bookends have been floating around Pinterest for a while, but the only link I can find to actually purchase them is an Etsy sale that has since been removed. However, in my hunt, I came across these for the sweet deal of $2,200, if thats more your style.

Or, there are these rocks in my backyard. They are a real steal at free-ninety-nine, but that old rotten plastic bag is gonna cost you extra.

And of course, the universal solution for ugly things is to spray paint them gold.

I painted the inside of them white for a little more polish. 

Okay, so there's our deal. I give you easy shit to do on Sundays, you pretend that I didn't just make an entire post about spray painting rocks. Deal? Sweet, see you next Sunday.


  1. You thrift, I thrift. You paint shit, I paint shit. When are we going to get together and do these things in each others company?

    1. soon, please!! i'll let you know the next time i'm in town, or let me know the next time you are hunting down managers specials up near Logan Square :)

    2. Brian and I will plan a trip soon. I want to house crash your new place!

  2. To make the project even more friendly to the free-time/surplus-cash-impaired, use broken chunks of concrete with one or more flat sides. It's like they knew when they poured it that you'd need something to do thirty years later on a Sunday afternoon! (I confess to frequently bringing home 'special' rocks to supplement the tons already present on my small lot. The grandchild of rockhounds; I can't help myself.)

  3. This reminds me of gold rush....

  4. I totally love this because you can find this easily everywhere for free, my favorite price! Love your site and your ideas!

  5. I'm happy to see some one else spray painting shit around their house gold. I found two busted bricks in my yard and thought they would make glorious book ends...if only they were gold. So $4 laters, I have very nice book ends. Now I am constantly wondering what else would look great if it was gold...the answer of course, is everything.


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