Monday, April 30, 2012

Boys don't make passes...How to Make a Framed Glasses Holder

I have a lot of glasses. Its a problem. Well, not really, because I'm a vain hoarder, but storing them is actually a problem. Up until today, I had been storing them on a coat hanger i had thumbtacked to the wall. Not the most attractive design, but it did the job.

Then I stumbled upon this tutorial from Everything Fab and thought it seemed doable. As usual, i eliminated the part requiring special tools and measuring though. 

Taping down the first of many things that would end up looking down the barrel of some Krylon that day.

First, during a day where I spray painted literally everything in my apartment, I painted an old white frame I had accidentally sat on and broke the glass, rendering it useless until now. I used a picture hanging kit from Target, similar to this one, for $3. It was great because the wire was easily cut with scissors, no wire cutters needed. 

Using the bookends from my previous post (since I can't find my hammer anywhere), I gently tapped these little ring hook thingys into the frame. Instead of a tape measurer, I just ripped off a piece of scotch tape to use as a guide between hooks make sure all of them, on both sides, were equally spaced.

I put three on each side. Once that was done, it was time to string the wires across. After snipping them with regular scissors, leaving about an inch of slack on each side, you just thread through the little hoops and twist around onto itself, no knotting needed.

Time to hang the glasses! I have so many that it pulled on the wire a bit, giving it a big more of a slouch than I'd like, but for now, it is a practical way to store all two million pairs.

The gold corners were just made by using painters tape after the blue coat and spray painting a gold coat just on the edges.

Nothing too fancy, but hey, its a step up from spray painted rocks.


  1. Oohhh! So I need a similarly cute way to store belts. Please provide a creative and simple response by next Sunday. Thanks.



  2. This is awesome! I'm definitely bookmarking it for future use. I am a glasses addict so this would be perfect!


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